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Advocacy - Military Adopt-A-Unit

The Adopt-A-Unit effort is designed to guide tennis organizations and players to ‘adopt’ a military unit of anywhere between 25-100 service members deployed to Afghanistan by sending care packages of necessities.
The effort allows the tennis community to show support and to introduce soldiers to a recreational means for reintegrating with family, friends and community upon their return from conflict.
The USTA is continuing the Adopt-A- Unit Program, but there have been some changes.  The USTA is no longer sending tennis equipment to the troops.  You can still get units to adopt from the USTA website.  You can choose to just send packages or you can send packages and purchase the tennis equipment from Wilson.  When you purchase the equipment from Wilson, they will ship it to the unit.  The approximate cost of the equipment is $275, including shipping.  You can decrease the cost by sending less equipment.
Texas has been one of the biggest supporters of this program and I hope you continue to support it. 
Click here to get envolved.


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