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First Texas Players Earn Advancement in New 10's System

June 8, 2012 04:48 PM
Tate Rosen goes to Trinity Valley School in Fort Worth, Texas and trains at the McLeland Tennis Center. She is coached by Ricardo Omana at Shady Oaks Country Club and Tracy and Karl Davies at McLeland.
Daniel Ardila of Dallas, Texas.
Landon Ardila of Dallas, Texas
By Amanda Shaw / USTA Texas
Tate Rosen, Fort Worth, Texas along with Daniel and Landon Ardila of Dallas have marked their spot in USTA Texas history. They are the first three Texas players to advance under the new 10 and Under system.
Daniel, Landon, and Tate all won their fourth ZAT during the month of May, only the fifth month since the rule change. With the four victories, Daniel and Tate may now elect to move to 12’s (Yellow Ball) and Landon may now choose to participate in the Green Ball division.
On January 1, 2012, the rules for 10 and Under Tennis changed, mandating the use of low compression balls, smaller and lighter racquets, and shorter courts. These changes allow players to have fun, develop skills, and enjoy competitive success at an early stage. Under the new USTA Texas system, players begin their tennis career in the Orange Ball division and require a level of qualification to advance to the Green Ball division and eventually to ZAT 12’s.
Tate, after a hiatus in early 2011, started playing tennis again in September but did not earn enough points to transition into 12’s when the rules changed in 2012. Although she did not win her first ZAT tournament in the Green Ball division in January, she won her next four in a row and is now eligible for 12’s. 
Both Daniel and Landon started playing tennis when they were about five years old, and their favorite professional tennis player is Roger Federer.
“I tried to give them a solid foundation and a love for the game, but they groomed their strokes, believe it or not, in our very own garage hitting countless balls against the wall,” said their father Luis Ardila who teaches at T Bar M in Dallas.
He admits that the boys practice the majority of the time on their own.
“Even today, one of their favorite activities after school is to go in the patio where we have a mini net set up, and play matches,” said Luis. “I always get a kick out of seeing them come in drenched in sweat looking for something to drink.” 
Luis said that he is a big believer in 10 and Under Tennis and started his kids on modified equipment before it was fashionable. 
“I have seen the benefits of the gradual progression that it provides, and the way that it allows kids to fall in love with the game quickly,” said Luis.
Congratulations to all three rising Texas stars! 
For the complete rule change, please reference 10 & Under Regulations
For more information on how your community can benefit from permanent QuickStart Lines or the grant program for equipment and other needs please contact contact Megan Longbotham of USTA Texas (Community Development Department) at mlongbotham@texas.usta.com.   
For 10 and Under competition information (Competitive Department) contact Amanda Shaw  of USTA Texas at shaw@texas.usta.com.



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