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Sports Science & Nutrition


Sports Science & Nutrition from USTA Texas SportsScienceCommittee

This page is designed to educate Texas Tennis Players on how to play hard while maintaining ideal fluid and nutrition levels. Here you can find information on fitness in general, flexibility and proper nutrition. Additional topics covered include strength training concepts, dealing with the Texas heat while on the court, proper clothing to avoid heat related injuries as well as acute and overuse injuries.
Information on this site is provided for informational purposes and is not meant to substitute for the advice provided by your own physician or dietitian. Information and statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any injury. They are only recommendations and you should always seek and take the suggestions of your health care provider first. 
This section is updated and advised by USTA and the USTA Texas Sports Science Committee.

The mission statement of the USTA Texas Sports Science Committes is "To educate and serve the Texas tennis community by promoting wellness, safety, and performance using science based principles." 

For more information about USTA Texas Sports Science Committee contact Reid Fenning at rfenning@texas.usta.com or call (512) 443-1334 ext 211.

Top 10 Foods to Hydrate You this Summer

As you know, it can get pretty hot here during the summer, so eating foods that help hydrate you is important. Here are 10 foods that you can mix and match to keep you at the top of your game. Read More

Protein - Not just for Arnold

As a tennis player, you are probably not trying to achieve a body like Arnold Schwarzenegger, but it is important to build muscle and maintain it to ensure power, strength, and explosiveness on the court. Read More

Foods from Your Pantry to Boost

Reading a food label is hard enough as it is, but add “naturally delivers electrolytes”... Read More

Top 5 Ways to Eat Healthy When the Tennis Stops

Cool weather in Texas means you have finally made it to November...which also means that Thanksgiving is upon you and Christmas is right around the corner. Read More

Building Strength Tips for the Teen Tennis Player

Supplements can seem like the magic ticket, but they are not. Reach for real food. There are very little checks and balances when it comes to ingredients in supplements. Read More

Hitting the Sweet Spot Tennis and Diabetes

What special sports nutrition recommendations are there for athletes with diabetes? Read More

Heat Illness Prevention

Use these tips to help you stay healthy in the heat. Read More

Blister Care

Find out the best way to prevent blisters and keep your feet in top shape no matter how often you hit the court. Read More

The Airrosti Experience

Dr. Perry talks about the Airrosti Rehab Center and the care they offer to ensure an injured tennis players full recovery. Read More

Happy and Hydrated

Researchers have found out that thirst is an inadequate cue to keep kids hydrated. A youth athlete isn’t likely to follow thirst cues before they start to get dehydrated. Read More

Fast But Fit Food

You’ve got a game plan, right? Serve and volley, baseline grinding to open up the court...something to make you a stronger more confident player. If you want to be great, you have to have an off-the-court game plan for training, injury prevention, and nutrition. Read More

Not to Early For Hydration Plan

Hydration and nutrition might be one of the last things you are thinking about, but it can make all the difference. By Caroline Sullivan a Registered Dietitian and specialist in sports dietetics. Read More

Heat and Hydration Concerns for Tennis Players

In the brutal Texas summer, players must learn to beat the heat before the heat beats them. Hydration is crucial for each player on the court because dehydration can take a toll on the body in less than an hour. Read More

Airrosti Rehab Partners With USTA Texas

USTA Texas is proud to announce our partnership with Airrosti Rehab Centers. The relationship between the two organizations stemmed organically from something that happens to many tennis players: an incessant case of tennis elbow. Read More

Warm Up to Win: Get a Leg Up On Your Opponents

Looking to learn more about an opponent's game? Pay attention to how they warm up to gain knowledge and adjust tactics. Read More

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