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TOURNAMENTS – Adults, Seniors and Super Seniors

Where can I find tournaments to play in?

  • Refer to current USTA Texas printed tournament schedule book or -
  • Online - TennisLink

[or start at: www.texas.usta.com; under "Adult Tennis;" "Tournaments / Rankings;" select option: "Searchable Schedule."]

Enter Month, Year, Texas section, and division if wanted.

How do I enter?

  • Online, when tournament comes up, click on tournament name to bring up their online tournament page. There is a place on that page to enter.
  • That tournament homepage may also list that they take Mail-In entries.

What is the difference in Sanctioned and Non-Sanctioned?

  • Sanctioned tournaments will count towards Rankings (and points), and those tournaments have certain requirements and rules to follow. Non-Sanctioned tournaments do not count towards Rankings (no points), and do not have to follow USTA Texas rules and regulations, but that does not mean they are run any differently. Since two Sanctioned tournaments in the same category (like ‘Adult’) cannot be held on the same weekend within 75 miles of each other, very often other tournaments elect to be Non-Sanctioned. They may (or may not) be run the same as Sanctioned tournaments.

RANKINGS - Adults, Seniors and Super Seniors

How do I get a USTA Texas Ranking?

  • Play in one Sanctioned tournament.

Some tournaments have different points – how do I know how many points are available for a tournament?

  • The points are listed on the tournament homepage, or a list of the higher points are available here
  • The base amount for tournaments is:  Adults – 100 points; Senior and Super Senior – 200 points.

Where do I look up a USTA Texas Ranking?

  • Go to TennisLink 
  • Go to ‘Adult Tennis,’  ‘Tournaments/Rankings’ select ‘Rankings.’ Then, ‘Texas,’ division wanted and usually ‘*All List Types.’ Click on the ranking list desired.

Where do I see the tournaments and points for each tournament?

  • When at the Ranking list above, click on the players’ name to see the tournaments and points per tournament that make up that Ranking.

Why do some tournaments on the players’ list say “(Does not count towards total points)”?

  • A player’s “best 5” tournament results in singles divisions and the “best 5” tournament results in doubles divisions in a Ranking period are counted.  A player can play as many events as he/she wants, but only the results from the “best 5” in each division will be used to determine the rankings. 
  • Playing additional tournaments cannot hurt your record.

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