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Around the nation a revolution of changes is happening to create more tennis opportunities for the modern day tennis player. Life is busy ! Each and every minute spent doing your favorite thing is counted. That is why the demand for shorter formats, lower fees, and flexible schedules are on the rise.

Be a part of the change by hosting an innovative formatted tournament. If you an annual tournament that is slowing declining or would like to bring in new players provide a one of the many formats provided.  Still not sure what an innovative format looks like? Here is a short list of examples:

  • Tiebreaker Tournament: A round robin tournament with the best of three tiebreakers per match.
  • Half Day Tournament
  • 40 Point Challenge: A round rob-in tournament where every match is played until the two scores add up to 40.
  • Spanish Fighting Game: Players start a rally with serve or drop hit. As they rally, they count the number of times the ball crosses the net. Whoever wins the point, will add that number to their score. Play to 75, 100, 200. This can be a round robin where each player keeps tabs on their points earned each match.

For more exposure for your innovative tournament register with USTA Texas as an IN & OUT Tournament to receive incentive and a $200 stipend. Click here for more information and registration.  


Ready Set Rally! Was developed to teach adult beginners how to play tennis in a fast and fun way.

The curriculum within Ready Set Rally! is “play-base” and uses modified tennis balls for learning. This allows the players to hit as many rallies as they can while  the coach circles around providing instruction. With RSR! there are no lines for drills, players rally the first day and the calories melt away with constant movement.

When you register to host a Read Set Rally! you will receive modified tennis balls, promo items for your players and a on-court curriculum guide. The curriculum guide can be tailored to fit each coaches needs. For more information or to register for a Ready Set Rally! Click HERE.



Staying active has never been easier for those who are in their golden years of retirement! Senior tennis clubs are unique in that you do not need a tennis court to provide this program. If you have a ball room, activity room, gym, or parking lot you can set up a program for your senior group. We use modified equipment and short courts so that those who are less mobile can still compete and rally. Players will improve their strength and agility all while having  a great time.

For incentive information and registration click on the link provided and sign up today!



Sitting is the new smoking and USTA Texas is aiming to battle that with a little mini tennis in the office space. If you know someone or if you yourself have an office with as little as a 10x15 foot space then you can set up a tennis court for lunch time or 4oclock team bonding.  Check out our new website dedicated to playing tennis anytime, anywhere



For more information about providers at USTA Texas contact Tosha Smith at or call (512) 443-1334 ext. 231