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New 2017 Regulation – No More Early Season League Ratings

At this years USTA Annual Meeting, the National League Committee voted to discontinue the use of early season league ratings effective immediately.  Some of the positives of eliminating early season league ratings:

•    Allows players to know their NTRP level for the next 12 months.
•    No bouncing back and forth from early start to year-end ratings.
•    Creates a level playing field in that all players competing at the Sectional and National Championships will be playing with their most recent year-end rating.

For Texas, this means we will NOT be posting early season league ratings on July 15, 2016.  Next time ratings will be published is when the 2016 year-end ratings are posted.  Year-end ratings are published around the 1st of December.


Q:    How does this effect the early start leagues played in the fall of 2016?

A:    Players will be using their current year-end rating or self-rating for the fall leagues.  Early start leagues will no longer use early season league ratings.


Q:     How will this rule affect the early start leagues which begin in the fall and progress to a Sectional and National Championship in the next year?

A:    1.    Players who are found to have a valid year-end computer rating, after the appeals process, that places them at the clearly above level mark must immediately adjust to their new NTRP level.  Prior team matches played are valid. Example: The player begins the early start league with a 4.0 rating and when the year-end ratings are posted, that player receives a 4.5 rating.  If that player’s final dynamic rating is at or greater than the disqualification level of a 4.0 rated player, then that player is immediately moved up to the new level and can no longer participate on the team.  Prior team matches played are valid.

    2.    Players who are found to have valid computer ratings, after the appeal process, that place them above the NTRP level at which they are competing may continue their participation at the lower NTRP level through the conclusion of the regular league season, including local league playoffs.  However, they can not participate in the Sectional or National Championships.  Example: the player begins the early start league with a 4.0 rating and when the year-end ratings are posted, that player receives a 4.5 rating.  If the player’s final dynamic rating is not at or above the disqualification level, the player is allowed to continue to play for their team at the 4.0 level.  If their team qualifies to play at the Sectional tournament, they will not be allowed to participate.  That also applies to the National Championships. In this scenario, the player can only participate at the lower rating until the regular season is completed.

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