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Competitive Corner

Each month, Steve Cobb, USTA Texas Director of Competitive Tennis, will offer a new tip to assist you in becoming a better player.  Steve is sharing his knowledge and experience from nearly 30 years of teaching and coaching to address many varying topics as they relate to tennis competition.


Don’t be Afraid to be a Swinger

Steve Cobb

As a player, I came along at a time when we: A) Went to the net a lot more often, and, B) Would have never considered SWINGING at a volley (Under penalty of death from most coaches) . The modern game has brought about changes in this area that frankly, are very welcome. I think... Click to Read More

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Another Crazy Idea to Revive Adult, Sr. Tournaments

Ken McAllister

My first three articles in 2014 were reflections on the past 24 years. The last article was a proposal for a new format for USTA Leagues that would allow for neighborhood league teams that would not force a player to leave a team of friends because his NTRP bumped him up a level. This article... Click to Read More

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Ready, Read and React!

Steve Cobb

Let’s take this opportunity to talk about the three Rs of tennis - Ready, Read and React. More and more, our sport is about movement, speed, recovery, and balance – so the three R’s are critically important. READY means more than bring prepared to play. Ready is about... Click to Read More

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2020 League Tennis

Ken McAllister

My articles in the first part of this year were focused on sharing some history of Texas tennis from my experience. For the rest of the articles this year, I will present some ideas for the future of Texas tennis. I begin with the most dramatic. Read on. Measured by growth and increasing... Click to Read More

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