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Hackett's Racquet

Champions crowned at Senior Mixed National Invitational

Derick Hackett

SAN ANTONIO – Champions were crowned Sunday afternoon at the USTA Leagues Senior Mixed National Invitational held at the McFarlin Tennis Center, in San Antonio this weekend as Northern (9.0), Middle States (8.0), Southern California (7.0) and Pacific Northwest (6.0) won the national title for their division.
PACIFIC NORTHWEST - 6.0 Division Champions
Pacific Northwest defeated Northern California 2-1 to win the 6.0 division title. Southern placed third with a 3-0 win over Middle States.
SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA - 7.0 Division Champions
Southern California beat Florida 3-0 to win the 7.0 division title while Southern finished third with a 2-1 victory over Northern.
MIDDLE STATES - 8.0 Division Champions
Middle States beat Texas to claim the 8.0 division title in a 2-1 victory. Missouri Valley defeated Northern California 3-0 to claim third place.
NORTHERN - 9.0 Division Champions
Northern defeated Southern California 2-1 to win the 9.0 division title and Northern California claimed third with a 2-1 victory over Midwest.
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