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Tennis Tips / Improve Your Game


Improve Your Game & Tennis Tips from USTA Texas


Top 10 Foods to Hydrate You this Summer

As you know, it can get pretty hot here during the summer, so eating foods that help hydrate you is important... Read More

Protein - Not just for Arnold Schwarzenegger

As a tennis player, you are probably not trying to achieve a body like Arnold Schwarzenegger... Read More

Foods from Your Pantry

Reading food label is hard enough as it is, but add “naturally delivers electrolytes” ... even more challenging ... Read More

The Final Word: Switching Sides

What happens if you forget to switch sides during a tiebreak? Find out the official ruling ... Read More

Top 5 Ways to Eat Healthy When the Tennis Stops

Cool weather in Texas means you have finally made it to November...which also means that Thanksgiving is upon you and Christmas is right around the corner. Read More

Fast But Fit Food

Travel can throw a kink in things, especially nutrition. Follow these simple guidelines to help you find the best option at roadside eateries. Read More

Not Too Early for Hydration Plan

Hydration and nutrition might be one of the last things you are thinking about ... by Caroline Sullivan a Registered Dietitian and specialist in sports dietetics. Read More

What is Leg Drive?

This video from the ITF’s Tennis iCoach in collaboration with USTA Player Development examines the leg drive of the serve. Read More

Seven Best Foods for Success on the Tennis Court

Two reknowned diticians, Page Love and Susie Parker-Simmons, share the seven foods that all tennis players should eat for optimal success on and off the court. Read More

Heat and Hydration Concerns for Tennis Players

In the brutal Texas summer, players must learn to beat the heat before the heat beats them. Hydration is crucial for each player on the court because dehydration can take a toll on the body in less than an hour. Read More

The Final Word: Tosses and Lets

If you toss the ball to serve and decide it is not a good toss, can you tap the ball with your racquet to catch it or is this a fault? Find the answer from our USTA officials. Read More

The Final Word: Serving Motions

Summary: Can your body cross the center divide during a service motion? Is it legal to change positions on the court after a first serve fault? Find the answer from USTA Director of Officials Richard Kaufman. Read More

Continental Grip: Serves and overheads

Making the switch to a continental grip on your serves and overheads can add more power with minimal effort. Read on to find out how! Read More

My favorite shot

In short video clips, 10 of America's top juniors reveal their favorite shot and why they love it. Read More

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