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USTA Texas Adaptive Tennis

 Adaptive Tennis - "For Anyone and Everyone"

USTA Texas Adaptive Tennis

Welcome to the USTA Texas Section web page for Adaptive Tennis. The game of tennis can be adapted to accommodate any age, environment, condition, or disability. The charge of USTA Adaptive Tennis is to promote and develop recreational tennis opportunities for individuals with varying abilities and circumstances through inclusion, knowledge, and support. The USTA continues to support programming for individuals with physical, developmental, and situational challenges.
The USTA has numerous resources available to program leaders who are interested in bolstering their Adaptive Tennis programs.  Learn more about USTA Serves grants and scholarships, coaches' training opportunities, and much more.
The USTA has developed a database of Adaptive Tennis Programs with the purpose of connecting tennis players with the programs available to meet their tennis needs.  Stay informed about grants, events, awards, and more.  It is free to register your program.
The USTA is dedicated to creating and enhancing tennis opportunities for ALL individuals who wish play tennis. The Adaptive Tennis Spotlights feature some of the individuals, programs and events that are devoted to making tennis available to individuals with unique abilities and circumstances.
Nominate a program or program leader for the USTA Adaptive Tennis National Community Service Award.  Criteria includes the demonstration of continued excellence, dedication, and tennis-related service for individuals with physical and/or intellectual disabilities.
Cindy Benzon
(832) 264-7773
If you are thinking of starting an Adaptive Tennis program or need assistance with your existing program, a Section Contact is available to help you with your Adaptive Tennis needs.
Our staff is ready to help grow and support adaptive tennis through education, trainings, grant funding and more. We also have opportunities for those interested in giving of their time to help those with disabilities.
The mission of the USTA Texas Adaptive Tennis program is to provide opportunities to all populations to enjoy and realize the benefits of tennis and its life changing opportunities. The Adaptive Tennis goal is to promote and develop recreational tennis opportunities for individuals with differing abilities and circumstances through inclusion, knowledge and support and by providing where needed adaptive programming, equipment, and teaching techniques.
Tennis benefits both mind and body. Physically, playing tennis helps to improve balance, mobility, agility, strength and fitness. Mentally, tennis works on one’s focus, concentration, reactive and problem-solving behaviors. Emotionally it can promote self –confidence, instill feelings of success, relieve stress and provide social outlets to meet new friends, enhance relationships, or experience great family outings. These benefits are so much more important for those with disabilities, in special life situations, or with special circumstances.
For people with special circumstances or disabilities, the benefits are enhanced with new elements for success as typically defined.
  • The game of tennis can be adapted to IMG_4963accommodate any age, environment, condition or disability
  • Tennis is fun
  • Tennis provides a venue for positive social interaction
  • Tennis helps develop eye-hand coordination and body control
  • Tennis can be played for a lifetime
  • Tennis participation enhances self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Tennis is good exercise and improves overall fitness
  • Tennis improves flexibility, strength and weight control.
Adaptive tennis recognizes the following categories:
  • Developmental disabilities- learning disabilities, autism, Down Syndrome, intellectually disabled
  • Physical disabilities- prostheses, wheelchair, individuals undergoing rehabilitation, such as surgery and illness, birth defects, multiple sclerosis, traumatic brain injury, muscular dystrophy, visually impaired, hearing impaired, stroke, etc.
  • Consumers of mental health services- psychiatric needs, emotional needs
  • At risk / environmentally disabled- substance abusers, mentally and physically abused, homeless, HIV positive individuals, persons within the juvenile justice system, etc).LINKS OF INTEREST
IMG_4991The USTA Texas Section is committed to promoting Adaptive Populations at the local level. To that end, the USTA Texas offers grants to assist not-for-profit organizations initiate or expand their adaptive population tennis programming activities. Program grants may be used to start instructional programs and/or leagues for players of all ages and abilities. 
For more information about helping grow the game of tennis to adaptive population or Adaptive Tennis opportunities, and how you can get involved with adaptive tennis programs in Texas contact Cindy Benzon, USTA Texas Adaptive Tennis Coordinator at benzon@texas.usta.com or (832) 264-7773.

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